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Omar Mossadek set up camp in the online world back in 1999 and since that time has become an expert online marketer. He has successfully Built, optimised and marketed many SME and Blue Chip properties online, demonstrating expertise and ROI time and again.

Google Call Metrics – Integrated & Free Call Tracking for Adwords

You may not know where all your calls are coming from, but with AdWords Call Metrics, at least you can find out which ones are coming from your ads. (more…)

Google AdWords Introduce the UK to Automated Bid Management

Conditional bid management automation is a well received tool and up until now, its either cost you for need of software/systems development or for need of paying for a solution from a third party provider such as Acquisio.

Today I was delighted to finally see the prompt from AdWords that the new Automation tool has reached the UK. I have not had much time to test it as it has only appeared for me today, but I will certainly be taking it for a test drive.

Used in conjunction with the ‘Experiment’ tool, this may well make for a change to the strategic landscape. One thing is for sure, it’ll help feed the Shareholders.

What are AdWords Automated Rules?

Google AdWords Bid Automation Options

Google Social Search in It’s Race With Facebook


Why Buy Aged Domains & How to Rank Using a Domain That has Age

There are several circumstances in which I might buy an aged domain but two stand out from the crowd. This short post will give a quick overview of these two uses and what you should look out for when purchasing an aged domain name.

Buying an Aged Domain name to rank for a target keyword or search phrase

As I’m sure most readers will already be aware, having a domain name that matches the search phrase exactly that you would like to rank well for is a big winner. Google trusts the domain enough to give it a boost for rankings when the exact search phrase being searched for is an exact match for the domain name. For example, if I bought ‘’ and hosted the domain, all things being equal or let’s say ‘unspoiled’, it would be relatively easy to get that new domain to rank for the search phrase ‘special widget’. More details on what I mean when I say ‘unspoiled’ further into this post.

Buying an Aged Domain to rank a different web page on another domain

Once again, as most of you will be aware, quality, relevant links will boost the position of your website’s pages for the search phrases that the link-building exercise has been targeted toward. In other words if you link to your ‘special blue widgets’ URI on your domain, from a website all about (special) widgets, with the anchor text ‘special blue widgets’ then your target URI will be more likely to appear higher in the SERPs.

Since we can buy and own domains that are keyword rich, we can also host them and link to our ‘money site(s)’ from those domains (with any anchor text we choose). The big difference between buying a regular domain name and an aged domain is that the aged domain will probably have links already pointing into it, thus having greater visibility by default and more trust from Google. There are many tools that can be used to check back-link volumes. Check SEOMoz’s Site Exploter and

Things to consider when buying an aged domain name: (more…)

Google ‘Bling’ Search Ads Get a Colourful Makeover Alongside Its New Interface Design

Have Google lost their AdSense?

Some of Google’s search results pages in the UK are no longer using the old pale yellow background colour for displaying it’s AdWords ads into and are now using a more expressive green ad format. I would not go so far as to say that this is a case of old Google ad colour vs new ad colour but I must admit that I have often felt that the old format was a little too subtle and perhaps a little too understated for a great majority of internet users and has certainly been so to an even greater degree in the past. On this note, I like the new format for two reasons: (more…)

China Squeezes Google Out so Google Does a sneaky redirect to Hong Kong Servers

Google ChinaOK, so it’s not technically that sneaky, or is it? We know Google has had a major issue regarding it’s service in mainland China and that the Chinese have insisted that Google be responsible for the censorship of its own materials, even though what was supposed to be censored was never actually specified, but would anyone have imagined Google employing such a cheeky technique to deliver results illegally (almost – the jury’s still out on the legality) to China. It seems rather hypocritical to me. I mean, it’s not like they’re doing a little ducking and diving like serving differing content to visitors and spiders. Google aren’t playing a game to see how to squeeze back into a lost market are they? Do no harm, remember? How about (potentially) breaking the law of another country attempting to use a (temporary and potential) loophole in a system? Is breaking a law, going against a legal agreement or bending the rules contrary to it’s own policies? I would expect so.  (more…)

SEO vs PPC – The Yin & Yang of this Symbiotic Relationship

We still hear debates regarding which form of internet marketing is better or more appropriate, ‘SEO or PPC’, even though it has long been demonstrated that the two have a healthy and even symbiotic relationship with each-other. (more…)

Why are Google advertising? Is it because everyone hates them now?

Google, Google, Google. It’s all about Google but how is public opinion fairing for them these days?

Google’s Superbowl ad features are a reminder of just how flexible and powerful their Universal Search is and delivered in the form of a range of eventful stories. We all know Google give the web a phenomenal amount back but it almost feels like a lost cause for the competing Bing when we consider that they will only deliver about 7.9% of all search queries in the UK (Yahoo! and Bing combined – EU just gave the nod today) compared with the 90% market share that Google hoards. (more…)

Searching for Transparency – The UK 2010 Election Online Search Behaviour Screams for Attention

14,000 tweets in one day

Gillian Duffy vs Gordon Brown Downing Street FighterThis was the effect of Gordon Brown’s blunder when he referred to Gillian Duffy, a long-time Labour party supporter a “bigoted woman”. It is a moment begging the question: what role does the internet play in informing voters about what really matters to them? And what are the online consequences following blunders or unmasked Television programming? Downing Street Fighter Game ImageIt has been one of the most unusual elections in many years and social media is on everyone’s lips these days but when we get back to basics and take a look at what is it that has been driving people’s investigations and what is it that seems to be shifting opinions in cyberspace, we find compelling signals.

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