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Creates SEO Silo Mapping mind-maps using web research and keyword analysis. Give it a keyword and receive ideas for how you might structure your content sections.
Adaptable GPT for photorealistic Dall-e illustrations. Paste some copy to the chat and receive an image back that illustrates what your text represents.
Friendly and efficient Q&A to WPBakery formatter. Give the GPT a list of Q&As in list format and it will return the WPBakery accordion markup for you to paste in plain text. The WPBakery plugin must be active and the Q&A list must be provided in simple text format line by line. i.e. Q: on line 1, A: on line 2, Q: on line 3, A: on line 4 etc…
A GPT that takes a single or list of content topics and turns them into compelling & SEO optimised article title(s) in return.
Expert SEO product description copywriter for fashion industry that can also interpret product image uploads. Upload one or more images to the GPT and receive a compelling product description for it. Adheres to Google Guidelines.
Replace placeholders with real factual examples. This is useful for replacing entity placeholders such as [brand A] or (place X). This will use context to determine what factual entities can replace the placeholders and maintain factual accuracy.
A comprehensive SEO article writing GPT that follows Google Guidelines. Tell the GPT what to write about and it will also implements LSI key-phrase insertions into it’s writing in order to optimise search visibility.
SEO-optimized text rewriter with LSI optimisation. Use this to rewrite any body of text you give it in a unique way that tries to always make sure that any information written is factful, not a hallucination and maintains the original message’s integrity.
Expert in complete, functional Pine Script solutions. Use this GPT to create TradingView Pine script indicators and Strategies. Tell it what you want the script to do and accomplish, in order to receive the Pine Code which you can insert into the TradingView editor.
Translates German to English, adapting humor for English context. This translator will include the original German where colloquial or literary text that is unique to the German language or region is relevant in parenthesis. Technical terms or names that are of English origin are also translated to English.